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Mount Bermo Timbo


Mount Bermo Timbo (T. E. Davies) b. 1946. I run a web site of the same name. I've done three albums now, Snakes or Ladders or Train Out of Time, Sad Old Ram of the Mountains, and Sea Song to a Phantom Fiddler. These are recorded in the field on wild Bermo mountain with portable multi-track equipment. There is a collection of poems Prophet Trousered Poetry, and the web gallery is called Prophet Trousered Gallery. The gallery comprises of a series of mini-galleries with 8 pictures per gallery. Links are provided to large prints which can be freely downloaded, printed or distributed under the terms of a non-commercial Creative Commons License. The work consists of slide sandwiches and combination prints from Kodachrome slide film, and lately prints from digital cameras. I've grown increasingly interested in graphic web art in the digital darkroom, which is a natural progression from the work I did in the old film darkrooms. The web is my chosen exhibition space, and I try to produce work that prints well onto average home computer printers. I am influenced by early pictorial and symbolist photography, as well as modernist and postmodernist art.

Prophet Trousered Gallery

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