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Nazanin Moradi



Through my practice I aimed to research into the process of Decay in body and urban construction. All of a sudden, my aesthetic sensibility, changed direction to the explorations of the human’s condition and more on the ideas behind “fundamental existence”, (what is matter, what is reality) such as death and aspects of the brain (consciousness, mind). The brain is the most complex organ in the human’s body, and perhaps the most remarkable in my practice.

As Richard Dawkins mentions “We are a very, very unusual species”.

Performance:I use performer’s movements as the basis of my art-works (photography and video) to create my fantasy world, where the codes of illusion structured in computer software.I would like to mention, as I was doing figurative painting and hence my perception of performance is, the space around me as a canvas and the performer is the figure on canvas but in a wild dimension.

Video:For example, in my last video, a physically unrelated object, such as windows, blinds express an existence below the mind and the eyes that means when ones conscious is aware of something which had happened a few seconds earlier in brain.

 Print-making:In my prints themes such as life and death, light and dark, stressed and calm, loud and quiet expressed by performance (as a consciousness) inside the human’s brain/body, which relevant to the idea that you cannot understand what you are looking at unless you know it is opposite.


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