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Neil Clements


Neil Clements Biography - ArtLyst

Neil Clements was born in 1982 and lives and works in Glasgow. Much of His work questions the nature of painting. He has been inspired by heavy Metal music and some of his canvases are based on the shapes of rare electric guitars.

Using painting, light and sound, Neil Clements’ installation work draws from both the iconography and approach of "Metal" music but also from Minimalism and Conceptualism especially the artists, Frank Stella, Robert Morris and Lawrence Weiner.

His conceptual approach resonates across cultural forms to create an alternative reading of the act of painting.Formerly lauded for his painterly investigations into modernism and death metal, Clements evinces traces of a finely distilled practice.

Gone are the guitars and idols; only Clements’ interest in formalist art production remains. And, while the artist’s use of analogue technologies – large format Polaroids and slide dissolve units – signals a shift in technique, the resulting body of work continues to address painterly concerns.

He exhibits with Doggerfisher, Edinburgh - www.doggerfisher.com

Neil Clements

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