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Nigel Grimmer


Nigel Grimmer is a multi media artist, working mainly with photography and sculpture. His current practice explores the relationship between public and personal imagery and the influence this relationship has on the production of identity. He takes an archive of ephemera from 'popular' culture - action figures, joke shop props, snapshots, comic books and film stills and draws this material through his personal narratives, before returning it to the public realm rendered both strange and familiar. He presents an alternative to 'mainstream' culture, an acknowledgement of his experience by the conveyance of a unique identity, a subculture, formed by the selection and editing of this material.

Nigel Grimmer is interested in the use of his photographic practice as a social tool; he involves as many people in his projects as possible. Grimmer also tries to utilise low-tech methods of art production and encourage the gallery visitor to reproduce his methodology in order to record their own experiences, particularly people unable to mirror the traditional family album images. Gallery-based workshops accompanying Grimmer’s exhibitions often allow others to join in his art practice; he includes other people’s photographs, based on his photographic practice, on his website.

Nigel Grimmer was born in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk in England; the bright coloured plastic of this seaside town continues to be reflected in his art projects. Nigel Grimmer studied Fine Art Sculpture for his degree at Sheffield Hallam University, basing his sculptures on images from the family album; he then moved to London where he is currently based. Grimmer gained his Masters in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins College, producing a body of photographic work based on failed superheroes.

Grimmer exhibits his work regularly: his solo-touring exhibition 'Plastic Life' has just finished a two-year journey around the UK, gaining good reviews in the national press, selling a large body of work to a public collection and being seen by more than 50 000 visitors. He has had solo shows in a variety of galleries including Milton Keynes Contemporary, Rugby Art Gallery and Museum, Harley Gallery in Welbeck, 20-21 in Scunthorpe, The Margaret Harvey Gallery in St. Albans, New Museum of Contemporary Art in Norwich, Folly Gallery in Lancaster, Focal Point in Southend and Standpoint in London. He has recently produced new series of photographs in Tokyo, Paris, Berlin and San Francisco. Grimmer has shown his work in a large number of group shows at venues including The Gallery at Cork Street, Monika Bobininski  Gallery, Contemporary Art Projects, Norwich Arts Centre, ICA, Zoo Art Fair, The British Library, Creekside, The Drill Hall and The Royal College of Art. He is currently working on a book that he hopes to publish, commemorating ten years of his Roadkill Family Album project, and has begun a new album, The Dunces.

Nigel Grimmer works as a visiting lecturer at a number of Universities in the UK, he was recently selected as a finalist for the Egoart prize.

His next exhibition, senti-monu-mental, will be at Artlink in Hull, from the 20th of August to 20th of September, private view 6.30pm August 20th.

Artlink, 87 Princes Avenue, Hull, HU5 3QP


Roadkill Family Album

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