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Nikolai Gritsanchuk



Nikolai Gritsanchuk




Born on January 21st 1957, Omsk region, Siberia .


Artist and poet. Author of many articles and books. Presently lives and works in Moscow.


The epitheme principle suggested by the artist himself underlies all his works. Its key feature is based on a specific pattern of transition from the particular to the general which is different from i.a. mechanism of various classifications or links; ‘the general’ is herein constructed of the discovered or already existing mental epithemic connections. An epitheme is a mental cross-point for isothemes or concepts representing both current and potential liaisons between notions, ideas in science and technology, as well as in art, politics and business. A concept or an isotheme is a special case of an epitheme. A reading spectator is the constructive element of an epitheme. A work of art includes a reading spectator into a right here right now existing epitheme rather than simply speaks to them. The epithemic connections are capable of naturally bringing together the semiosphere and the conceptosphere.

A work of art is regarded both as a trigger and a medium of epithemic ties capable of fully reflecting the inner and the outer world of a human being, and functioning as a small basic element which can later on develop into a new or a larger entity.

The artist makes use of potentials of painting as well as of modern technologies and materials, and sociocultural phenomena and cultural theories; he is keen on exploring and artistically representing up-to-date subjects, plots and ‘texts’. 

The author draws no borderline between literature and visual art, but sees art as a sole unit.



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