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noel ed de leon



Noel Ed De Leon 

London-based Philippine born artist Noel Ed De Leon holds a degree in architecture. His artistic practice expands through experimentation with installation, multi-media sculpture, art made with found objects and conceptual performance. Largely self-taught in visual art, he has worked as a professional artist since coming to the UK in 2007.Since 2011, Noel has exhibited as part of the London Biennale, holding a major solo show in 2014 at the Philippine Embassy of London. Noel is currently working as a freelance artist alongside   co-directing Batubalani. 

Exhibitions + Performance Art 

2015 - It's About Time! 
Contemporary Philippine Photography
Group Show - The Philippine Embassy London
Curated by Batubalani Art Projects

2014 - Tokens Of A Time Gone By: 
Reanimating History As Art In The Work Of 
Noel Ed De Leon
Catalogue - Ms. Eva Bentcheva                                                                                   Art Review - Ms. Neslie Carol Tan

Linked to London Biennale 2014
with Inter- linked themes: Maps Mazes + Mysteries
Curated by Eva Bentcheva (SOAS University Of London)                                         

2014 - Tracing the Traces
Conceptual Performance

2014 - London Biennale
Maps Mazes + Mysteries
Creative Travels and Encounters: Artists’ Talks 
Organized by David Medalla and Adam Nankervis 
The Philippine Embassy London

2014 - Expo Mail-Art Manifesto Brut & Acrodacrolivres
21, rue du Tienne
1495 Tilly (Villers - la- Ville)

2013 - Silent Action Protest
Live Art Performance In front of the BBC Building                                               Great Portland Street London
In response to ''Filipino Children Against Racism''

2012 - Life As I Know It
Public Live Art Performance                                                                         Outside The National Gallery Trafalgar Square London

Linked to London Biennale 2012
A project by David Medalla 
Coordinated by Adam Nankervis 
Performing The City Over The Rainbow From Monochromes, to Multi-Colors, to Chromophobia From Migrations, to Pollinations, to Colorations Synergia & Synaesthesia

2011-12 - Life As I Know It Exhibition                                                               Live Impromptu Performance
The Philippine Embassy London
Curated by Katrina Cruz
Descriptions produced together with Genevieve Schwartz

Life As I Know It Exhibition
Live Impromptu Performance 
Leixa Art Gallery - Brentford Middlesex
Curated by Katrina Cruz
Descriptions produced together with Genevieve Schwartz

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