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nutan bala



I am dealing with mass culture, mass produced various elements of consumerist society which play vital role in our daily life. The deep impact of Mass-media, Sex, Violence, Gender and Commodified human feeling has influenced me immensely. I always depict what I observed from my surroundings but the formal and originating impulse always comes deep inside me. My recent body of work engage with garbage, recycling and use of any material up to its maximum extent .To me Garbage is everywhere as we look around sometime visible, sometime invisible but largely invisible to us. Garbage associated with the world which we make to live in. Garbage as a leftover matter, it is what remains, when good, fruitful, value usefulness has been taken away. Or appropriation is the start point of garbage but for me it’s a start point of new meaning, new form and new expression. Garbage is a formless form, from where my form takes flight. I enjoy my making process as I start with my process gradually my material start asserting me its meaning possibilities and association with various meaning. These works celebrate materials, meaning and process.

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