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Oliver MacDonald


Born 1974, currently living and working in south London. (2006-2008) MA Sculpture, Royal College of Art, London. (2000-2004) BA Fine Art (Hons.), Goldsmiths College, London.

My works offer the essence of a recognisable coherence in my mode of art practice - beyond that of sculpture. They are an acknowledgement that an artist takes liberty to 'play' with the world and its information with either a seriousness or with laughter.

Whilst acknowledging serious concerns in the artwork, my practice moves forward more often with play and a regression of mind. My approach is defined through materials – often children's toys, games and accoutrements – recontextualised to comment on an adult world. The works' plaintive subject matter is suspended through the 'word-plays' of their titles; mocking, as jokes do, the seriousness of life with artful, playful scribbles.

Oliver MacDonald

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