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Omar Zingaro Bhatia


Born on a cold night in 1986, It was clear that Omar was a special child. Between the years of 1994-1997 Omar lived on the edge of the Great Rift Valley mountain range in East Africa's heart-land, the jewel that is Tanzania. After a time lost in the Great British educational system, it became apparent that Omar's only chance was art school. In the winter of 2007 he escaped on an exchange to Transylvania (Romania) because he thought it would look good on paper. He painstakingly and with much controversy graduated from art school in 2009 and his show entitled 'Omar's Spuriosity Shop' was met with wide acclaim (it was chosen in the top twenty in the UK by Art World Magazine).

By the time Omar had graduated, 7 of his tutors had invested in his work. Omar travels around with his briefcase which holds his portfolio and other essential documents. He always appears on time and in full Sabbath attire. If you should want to contact Omar for exhibitions, commissions, or any other business his email address is zingaromar@gmail.com.

Despite the way that he presents himself, It's all smoke and mirrors, he is in fact very approachable.

Omar's Spuriosity Shop

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