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Paola Bazz



I’m an Italian contemporary artist, UK-based. I approached painting and drawing in my formative years meanwhile graduating in Architecture at Venice University in the early 90s. I’m inspired by ways to turn recycled materials into large pixels artworks, creating three-dimensional visual effect collages. In my productions I use magazine paper, plastic lids or wood shaped into micro-repetitive elements glued onto cardboard. “Recycling is a sort of re-interpreting, and Art is, in its nature, a recycling project”. Through the re-use and up cycling of products that would otherwise be thrown away, I’m trying to use their imaginary appeal putting emphasis on the theme of recycling and environmental themes. Currently I'm exposing my works in a solo exhibition at Corner House, "Cornerhouse Projects/Paola Bazz" in Manchester. You can visit it until 13th may 2014. http://www.cornerhouse.org/art/art-exhibitions/cornerhouse-projects-paola-bazz

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