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Pascal Ancel Bartholdi



Image-maker, writer, press agent, occasional curator, lives and works in London intermittently connecting with mother city Paris. Explores the forgotten potential of analogue monochrome photography while experimenting with the moving image and re-entering the dimension of physical artistic entanglement through drawing in particular Pascal presently lives in London. He works and exhibits all over Europe. He studied Fine Art at St Martin’s and Photography at the London College of Communication. His work has developed into a passionate dialogue between painting, photography, animation projects, video, performance, and installation. He is continuously seeking new ways to express what he considers the natural poetry of the universe of the mind through all possible mediums.

In addition, Pascal writes reviews, essays, poetry and stories some of which feature on the web and have been published in various E-magazines. He has also curated shows, worked as a gallery press agent, taught drawing, made a mask for a theatrical character, created sound tracks for video works including his own and intends to continue pursuing his multi-disciplinary practice with an open and inclusive outlook. Pascal is a member of Magma Collective based in London and Part of Almanacco Migratorio annual residency based in Sardegna

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