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Paul Critchley


Paul Critchley has been painting on irregular shaped canvas for more than 30 years. The shapes of his paintings are not arbitrary but are an integral part of the composition and concept; the boundaries of his pictures are defined by the subject and its perspective. When we look around us we see everything but only look at those things which attract our attention; we select what we want to examine. Within conventional rectangles and square the corner areas in some paintings are often just ‘filled in’ simply because they exist, but a shaped canvas is deliberate: It has been selected, chosen, considered; it is not accidental. This shape affects, not just the story within, but also the space surrounding it, meaning that the space between one painting and another can also be used in a composition. This has produced paintings composed of numerous individual pieces which when seen together present all the elements needed complete a bigger narrative. Others, however, are single paintings with many details, others are optical illusions which have hinged doors or windows shaped in perspective which open and close. In his project Panoramic Interior - A Sense of Home, the details are paintings of single objects such as sofas, wardrobes, dressing tables and even toilet rolls. The purpose in the Panoramic Interior is to arrange all the paintings together in an exhibition to create an interior rather than paint a view of an interior in the classical sense. It is hoped that the visitor to this installation will walk through the rooms and feel at home. It will be a real space furnished with paintings of furnishings. A real interior but not quite; it will be a virtual interior: A 3D interior with 2D objects painted to look 3D.

Selected Paintings by Paul Critchley

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