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Paul Digby


Current Projects.


Paul Digby Drawing & Sculpture Research & Development.

The project involves converting drawings in to sculpture. See the series of drawings at http://www.axisweb.org. My current practice portrays the expression of emotion.

The proposal consists of exhibiting figurative sculpture at the Thackray Museum (http://www.thackraymuseum.org/). This exciting experimentation of new materials includes styrofoam, sculpting, plaster, paint and resin.

On behalf of the Thackray Museum, I am delighted to engage in future partnership opportunities with Paul Digby. Not least because his particular interest in expressing mental health issues through his artwork complements the museum’s objectives linked to bringing these same issues to public attention.

Jim Garretts, Senior Curator, the Thackray Museum.

Arts Council England is pleased to support Paul Digby’s research and development project exploring the link between art and mental health. Our lottery award will allow Paul to reach a new stage in his work based on drawings in collaboration with the Thackray Medical Museum.

Julia Keenan, Visual Arts Officer, Arts Council England.

If you are interested in the project or want to book a symposium place contact pj.digby@ntlworld.com.

Go to http://www.pauldigby.me.uk for images of my practice.

Hybrid: Yorkshire arts and science network.

Core objective  Hybrid (www.hybrid-art.co.uk) provides an informal platform for discussion and interaction between artists and scientists of all disciplines. This is facilitated via seminars, presentations, symposia and exhibitions held within the Yorkshire region. Hybrid is supported by ACE (Arts Council England, Yorkshire) and welcomes all interested parties.

Background  In 2008 Lizz Tuckerman (www.lizztuckerman.co.uk) was commissioned by ACE, Yorkshire to research the extent of cross disciplinary art and science work taking place within the Yorkshire region. The result was an all inclusive working document called Hybrid. Following the dissemination of Hybrid the document in 2009 a related group was initiated in Leeds by Paul Digby (www.pauldigby.me.uk).  Paul invited Lizz to run the group with him and Hybrid the network was formed. This experimental project is part of a wider ACE, Yorkshire arts/science initiative. 

Proposed outcomes To encourage cross disciplinary interaction by organizing a series of seminars, an exhibition and symposium in 2010 followed by a conference in 2011. The information from the Hybrid document will be used as a starting point. 

Paul Digby

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