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Paul Woodrow



Paul Woodrow has been involved in a variety of inter-disciplinary and multi-media activities since the late 1960s, including performance art, installation, video, painting and improvised music. He has collaborated with many artists including, Iain Baxter (N.E.Thing Co.), Hervé Fischer (The Sociological Art Group Of Paris), Genesis P. Orridge (Coum Transmissions, England), Clive Roberstson (W.O.R.K.S, Canada). He has exhibited extensively in Japan, France, Italy, Sweden, England, Belgium, Russia, Puerto Rico, Argentina, and the United States, including the Museum of Modern Art, Stockholm and The Tate Gallery, London. He has received numerous awards from Canada Council ,SSHRC, Alberta Foundation for the Arts He is the co-founder with Alan Dunning and Morley Hollenberg of Einstein’s Brain Project an organization for a series of works begun in 1996, that explore the notion of the brain as a real and metaphoric interface between bodies and worlds in flux, that examines the idea of the world as a construct sustained through the neurological processes contained within the brain.

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