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Pen Dalton


Pen Dalton lives and works in Walthamstow, London. She trained at Goldsmiths, Brighton ad Plymouth Universities.  She was actively involved in issues of sexuality, class and subjectivity in the '70s and 80s and produced documentary printed image/text work in prints and installation.  Work from this era can be seen in The Women’s Archive,  the Victoria and Albert MuseumThe Musee D'Affiches in Paris and in her monograph 2001: 'The gendering of Art Education' and a 2008 Phd thesis: 'Family Relations in Art'.

She has taught studio practice and critical theory on the Art and Social Context degree at Dartington College of Arts and on the Art & Education and Fine Art MAs at Birmingham Art School and has published and exhibited in issues of identity in art and lectured internationally.

In recent years Pen has turned away from theoretical/issue based projects in the belief that they have become implicated in values of consumerism, social policy and corporate interests.  She has made what could be regarded as a modernist turn in re-visiting formal aspects of painting.  

She suggests that painting is always an analogy-making practice in that - however abstract - its techniques, processes and visual forms always allude to something else.

Pen is a member of the Contemporary British Painting Group.

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