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Penelope Sacorafou



Fox&Squirrel offer London Lifestyle Walks. With lifestyle at their core, Fox&Squirrel walks are a unique equation that guarantees to unravel London’s treasures before you, to ensure your experience of the city is an authentic one, and that the walk caters exactly to your needs.

Fox&Squirrel Lifestyle Walks cover London’s fashion, vintage, art, architecture and food scene. Fox&Squirrel are firm believers that fashion, art, architecture and food are all entwined elements of our individual lifestyles, and therefore collectively of a city’s vibes. On a Fox&Squirrel walk find out how creative currents have contributed to the emergence of diverse lifestyles in London and in return what London has to offer your lifestyle.

Fox&Squirrel walks are the brainchild of Jojo and Penelope. With a collective background in various Cultural & Creative Industries Jojo and Penelope are fascinated by the cultural significance of fashion, art, architecture and food. Their everyday terrain involves detecting, observing and analysing fashion, architecture, art and food phenomena and the impact these have on peoples’ lives and on their city. This detailed knowledge prompted the duo to set up the Fox&Squirrel blog through which they showcase London talent. The Fox&Squirrel blog became an instant hit with emerging creatives across the globe exposing Jojo and Penelope to an expansive network of artists, designers, and architects. Informing their readers remains a priority for Jojo and Penelope however, they have decided to expand Fox&Squirrel and offer their readership the opportunity to experience these cultural phenomena by establishing the Fox&Squirrel Lifestyle Walks.


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