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Per Svensson


Per Svensson, sculptor, painter and soundartist, born 1965 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Educated at the Royal University College of fine Arts in Stockholm 1985-90. Currently lives and works in Ystad and Gothenburg in Sweden. With international merits of exhibitions and soundart works shown in various countries and places, such as LACE in Los Angeles, Moderna Museet in Stockholm, Ystad Art Museum, Lusaka National Museum in Zambia, Heliosturm in Cologne, The Academy of Art in Budapest, Gothenburg museum of art. Per Svensson has created his own landmarks with his specific alchemic art expression and soundart dealing with the forces of nature, alchemy, social and environmental issues, the architectural and geometrical structures of nature and its relation to sound, image and space.

Per Svensson has also a degree i Architecture and was educated at The Royal College of fine Arts School of Architecture. The combination of Alchemy, Sculpture and Architecture is often present in his larger installation works and his permanent public sculptural works.


Said about Per Svensson:

"Alchemy reappears as a movement and mental image with Per Svensson. VITRIOL (Visit the Earth's inner and trough purification you should find the secret stone). A spiritual, artistic, metamorphosis in other words" / Thomas Millroth, Art critic, Art Historian

"Per Svensson's paintings stand in a tradition of political painting but with a kick-ass attitude that often is absent in art" / Håkan Nilsson, Art critic, DN

"Per Svensson's space capsule is a molecule constructed from life´s own atom, carbon, wich encapsulate a tiny living space, a biosphere" /Ingrid Sandahl, Professor of Space Physics, IRF, Kiruna

"...As with the contemporary artist Olafur Eliasson, he investigates the forces of nature, it is a kind of scientific research but from a humanistic perspective"/ Yrr Jonasdottir, Director of Ystad Art Museum.

"Per Svensson is one of the leading visual and sound artists from Sweden" / Olofbright Records


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