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Petr Dub


It is the element of “recycling” that is an important feature of Dub's “painting”: his works emerge from various cuttings and waste materials, being a by-product of artistic activity. The works made of unstrained colour canvas may also be perceived as a postproduction attempt to discover the second life of paintings. Some of them feature traces of having been drawn into frames. Nevertheless, such form has only been temporary, as if the author wanted to prove that the way through which the painting was materially created was not at all important but that what mattered most it is the way the artist subsequently treated it. At other times, the work features non-transferrable traces of being created on the site of installation. Dub does not leave his works without content. His installations abandon the modernist line, searching for inspiration in the contemporary visual culture. (T. Pospiszyl, 2010)

Disneyfication | Egon Schiele Art Centre  2010

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