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Philip McMullen





'Getting to This.' Back in 1970 this was the name of an L.P. by the curiously named Blodwyn Pig. I remember buying it in Ebbw Vale. Today I am sitting over a nearly completed painting with a sense that, although there isn't much to be said about the work, it might represents a starting point. I have been about a year getting to this. Hopefully a re-starting point in my meander through this amazing world.

So I'm picking up not where I left off; but on some fragile, decades old promissory notes of ability. These are small beginnings (Note to self: don't despise the day of small things) and of modest ambition. As a Christian find myself out of sync with the cynical Godless art-world but disorientated in a poverty of evangelical sensibilities.  IAM (International Arts Movement) speaks of ''generative" powers and liminal spaces that can be reclaimed for God. Who knows? I don't. I admire the determination of these good people but I don't have that kind of language. I'm not sure I can say anything painterly with conviction. Yet I have got to 'this': somewhere to launch off with minimal energy and little if any vision. Not a promising combination. These are the days of grace. Let's go to it.

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