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Pierre Michel




Greetings Artlyst,

I sincerely hope this finds all the Staff at Artlyst well. Somehow feelings of shame are compelling me to, at the very least, comment upon the news of Archeologist being murdered by IS.

I shall no longer remain quiet when confronted by such atrocities, especilly when they be committed by individuals employing 'religon' as their reason

For so who ever is responsible for this despicable act, the taking the life of an innocent; whose only crime is remaining silent, thus keeping alive the glimmer of Hope these wonderful treasures shall not fall in to the hands of Evil ... it is to those cowards who are responsible, I declare, Karma is a Bitch!

There's none so blind as those who do not see. Further, and regrettably so there's none so deaf as those who do not hear! This Sixteenth Century proverb truly describes those in charge at IS

Thank you for providing me the 'place' to pay my rerspect to the Elderly Gentleman who gave his life trying, at least,to protect what has been described as the 8th Wonder of the World.


Mr. Pierre Michel

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