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Preston Purser


Preston Purser, Born 1963 Salt Lake City, Utah Preston’s life has know many incarnations, in his early twenties he was a devoted lyricist involved in the metal band scene. He is still passionate for the genre and is a virtual contemporary music encyclopedia.

Purser has also spent time as a Rancher / Breeder of Plumber Cattle (Rodeo Bucking Bulls) and intends to one day pursue that interest again. Purser initially became involved with art as a transformational process. Painting with abandon and intense energy was an outlet and insight for personal pain, and torment. Years of anger and confrontational behavior were exorcized into many of his initial paintings. The presence of these works is intense, and at times overwhelming.

Preston’s work explores the full range of human emotion, anger, pain, fear, happiness, love, joy and peace through color, texture and presence.

Within Purser’s work one can easily sense the emotions at play during creation. The Zen peaceful dude you see now is here through art therapy. Preston is currently exploring new mediums, expanding his understanding and skill, drawing, contemplating sculpture, photography and new directions to take his art.

His work has been exhibited in Europe and the US.

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