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puneet gupta


“My creative vocabulary finds a natural affinity towards creating luxurious cameos and I see products as a better medium to express my design vocabulary on. I wish to work within the niche of exclusive design and bespoke pieces. I find it very exciting to combine many realms of design into one complete canvas. Though trained as a Fashion Communication Designer I find myself taking my design sense to ever evolving, new mediums. This quest stems from my belief that refined designs are experiential and need to touch your world. I see design finding a space in every element of life. Be it the mundane or the special.”

Inclined towards fine arts even at school level, he walked into NIFT for pursuing Fashion Communication equipped with a two year Art Foundation Course that he pursued as part of his curriculum at school. In fact the high point of his school days was when he got selected for Generative Art Conference 2004. He was amongst the ten finalists selected from around the world. He flew to Milan and presented his paper and work at the Generative Art Conference & Exhibition, making him the youngest artist amongst other presenter who were leading and experienced architects, artists, professors and designers.

Professionally skilled in Graphic design, Visual Merchandising, Styling, Photography, Advertising, Space Design, Exhibition Design, Packaging Design, Signage Design, Fashion Forecasting etc. His signature style of design is luxe driven and he is able to understand and design better for designer brands and luxury labels.


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