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Raffaele Coletta



Art: that word contains the essence of life and everything that surrounds us.

Art is power, dreams, emotions ... art is everything that does not exist in real life but that can extrapolate from our mind, the right side of our brain, place of emotions creations, and converting all that we imagine into something that we can perceive through the five senses.

Art is Love which leads the human being to explore the mind and create new forms and harmonies.

Art is exploring themselves, using different media.


My life is Art too.

I started to draw since I was child, since I was able to hold a pencil in my hand.

I used to draw on the books, on the wall of the house, everywhere. I used to draw everything that surrounded  me. I have never stopped to learn about art, I drew, studied anatomy, perspective, theory of light and shadow, colours theory, how to use oil and acrylics colours on canvas or others supports and everything I used learn  by myself.

I'm really inspired by artists like Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo Merisi or Caravaggio,  Salvador Dali' and Magritte.


I like to create work that reflects my thoughts, but that may be the thoughts of all human beings, as our emotions, our fears or our pleasures, the hardships, the joys, and all that our intellect and our subconscious are facing every day.

I love to explore our mind through the paint, the various and constant conflicts between our intellect and our subconscious and show on white canvas something that only I can feel and see in my mind, so that you can show to all those who keep a my painting.

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