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Rafia Hussain



Although Based in London my clients are spread far and wide as US, Europe and the Middle East. My main area of work is Islamic Calligraphy and Digital Art. Art for me, from a very young age was a means to escape. To lose myself into a world of colour. Painting is very therapeutic and sends you into a state of mind of calm. I love Arabic and Islamic Calligraphy. The curves, the flow, the weight of the words. It's mesmerising. Historical and futuristic all at once.. and the my main inspiration of my work. I like the traditionalism in the script composition but also love modern abstract art and so I fuse them. Break the norm so to speak. I have done this best with Digital Art. Futuristic, abstract forms that incorporated the beauty of Allah's words. My work is not to carry any political or social message other than to Glorify Allah, his words and his messenger (saaw) .. most of my work is abstract and the main focus always are the words.

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