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Rahul Aijaz



I am an emerging filmmaker and a photographer from Pakistan. I think more than anything and contrary to everything I had supposed, my work has defined me rather than me defining my work. As a filmmaker, I am fascinated by spaces or how the empty spaces are filled in by the community which doesn't find themselves fitting in with the majority of the lot. On the other hand, I try to find the drama in sufferings. Psychological sufferings manifesting themselves in physical sufferings. It's interesting how the mind materializes everything it has inside in the form of physical things - something we can see and touch and feel, like wounds. As a photographer, I find myself trying to... steal. Not borrow, literally steal. Steal from people. From things. From life. From the world. I steal feelings from people who feel them but don't know they do. I try to sneak in, just like the devil would sneak in, steal the moment I want and leave. This personality of me is quite conflicting and I try to use my conflicts in my ideas. I try to utilize it in my art. I have been inspired by surreal filmmakers and documentary photographers alike. While I'm still growing, I like to combine these two different styles and create something new, something different and something that would define my style.

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