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rebecca parkin



Contemporary mythology and social fantasy provide the inspiration for Rebecca Parkin's work exploring the themes of gender and sexuality.

The nature of her work is multi-layered incorporating drawing, painting and installation with a baroque sense of vision and storytelling. Evolving discourses and cultural anxieties surrounding gender peformance and sexuality are dramatized and disturbed.

Central to her work is the notion of boundary crossing through, contaminated fictions; restaging the well known in alternative ways; and transgressive acts of figural amalgamation occupying the borders such as those between fantasy and reality, male and female, purity and pollution, the living and the dead.

Within this arena common archetypes emerge like the zombie, witch or werewolf, threshold figures who straddle normative cultural classifications. The uncomfortable assimilation of that which ought not be mixed, is deeply embedded within the horror genre and science fiction/horror cross-over. While those genres are designed to bring to light taboos in order to ultimately return things to their proper place, Parkin attempts to keep the borders open and the misfits at large. By playfully reworking familiar stories which permeate divergent strands of popular culture, she seeks a more subtle and prolonged immersion into this uncanny realm.


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