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Rich DD Cormack


Rich DD Cormack is a Scotsman. His work is a window into his past. The strains and pains of a scattered upbringing are forced into the light of day in the form of mysterious painting, sculpture and taxidermy.

Born in Aberdeenshire, Rich DD Cormack was raised by a struggling mother and a convicted drug lord father. By escaping to his imagined world of desolation, misgivings and dissapointments, it becomes apparent that he can live through reality unscathed. It is as though he is bearing all that ails him, but only he truly understands what exactly the painful narratives are about.

Rich DD Cormack graduated from Dundee University in July 2009. Since graduating he has exhibited 10 times in all of Scotland's major cities. His exhibitions have been noted in the Scotsman, the list and the guardian.

Rich is also a successful musician and has featured in the news of the world. It is a tough world for an artist attempting to bear everything to the public but in complete contrast to his private paintings, Rich promotes himself without fear or regret. It is this bullish determination that will surely push him through and into the public eye. One to watch for sure. www.rddcormack.carbonmade.com

Graduation Work - Dundee University - 2009

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