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Richard Liley


Trained at the Hertfordshire college of Art & Design, St. Albans and at Reading University, studying Painting and Art History under Sir Terry Frost (St. Ives School) and Neil MacGregor (Director of the British Museum). Richard is a Painter, Photographer and Art Historian. Richard has exhibited work regularly at a number of galleries in and around London. As a member of the Eastbourne Group of Contemporary Artists and the Hastings Artforum he has taken part in numerous exhibitions including the Towner Art Gallery, Plan-a-head Gallery, Stables Art Gallery, Hastings and Anthony Penrose’s gallery at Farley Farm (the Lee Miller collection and home of Sir Roland Penrose) in Chidingly, Lewes. Richard was elected Chairman of the EGCA in 2004. In 2010 Richard joined the Barbican Artists Group Trust and is based at the Hertford Road Studios London.  Richard work can be seen online at a number of online galleries at www.isendyouthis.com, www.artselector.com or by simply keying his name into Google. STATEMENT My paintings and constructions are part of a constant process of research that is concerned with depicting space (real and illusory), framing, repetition, ambiguity, dynamism and colour. I have recently begun to reveal, conceal, substitute and destroy imagery in an effort to produce a contemporary palimpsest.

Richard Liley

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