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Ricky Romain


My paintings are fictional. They do not relate to specific people. The subjects of my work enter my consciousness much like the characters in a novel appear to an author. The world of the imagination is peopled by many seemingly ‘real’ acquaintances that have no actual substance other than the description of them created by another, and yet they may be more revealing to us about our own condition than many of the living people that we interact with. It is in this spirit that I construct my compositions. Artifice can sometimes tap into a deeper vein of truth than the ‘reality’ of everyday experience can. I make no apologies for the fact that the majority of my figures are male. In a conflict ridden world that is suffering from what many perceive as an explosion of male aggression, I feel that I often want to give expression to fraternal sympathies, and to masculine sensitivity, which can so often be overlooked by many sections of the media who are often too keen to stereotype for effect. This does not mean that I do not fully acknowledge the courage and bravery of the many women who are seeking asylum, or who are imprisoned for their political views, throughout the world, and I hope my images speak for and to them also.


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