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ritva raitsalo



Ritva Raitsalo

Helsinki born London based collagist. I had worked as an illustrator from 1991-1998 for major publishers and magazines. In 2008 I started to edit my early pictures and published Magic London in 2010. 'Asphalt jungle' (1996) inspired me to create collages with my pictures. Ritva's Cities I followed in 2013.

In the Nineties I used to walk along the canals, taking lots of photos. I was interested in industrial sites, ware houses, silos, containers, chimneys, pipes, bridges, industrial vehicles. They became part of Ritva's Cities II (2013-2014) .

'I love how edifices, towers are outlined against the sky or reflect on the glass walls or on the water. Buildings are like gigantic sculptures, which can be manipulated and restructured according to my own plan. I de-construct what is taken for granted and make it unfamiliar, take off parts, add others like in Legoland. I blend past and present creating new perspectives.

I spread selected collage pieces in front of me and start to compose according to the idea I have in mind. It may take several trial and error attempts before the composition settles. I am like a composer searching for a new tune. Images are my palette. Collage pieces are like magician's cards. ' www.ritvaraitsalo.com

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