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Roberto Ekholm



Artist based in London

Roberto Ekholm work with myth and identities through his practice which encompasses sculpture, photography and drawing. In his subject matter he explore the arena of illnesses as part of a broader interest in the systems and processes that shape our believes within social structures. Through the expression of citation, fragmentation and the juxtaposition of objects, drawings and performative elements ‘the real’ and fantasy is blurred, while the self becomes separated from the body and the line between ‘them’ and ‘us’ is erased. In the use of materials it is never simply self-evident in its meaning, it is always marked with histories, cultures and politics that are simultaneously conceptual, metaphorical and spatial.


By using information found in resourced text from newspapers, online sources and medical journals, as well as stories taken from dialogues Roberto have participated in or overheard he create characters both in sculptures and in what he call performative photographs

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