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Roberto. Robbie. Picciau.



'Viewing imagery that commerce certain ideas; the advertisement in a fashion magazine.. 
I pushed the pigment off the glossy surface of one of its pages, leaving behind a vague representation of its former content; the imagery left behind is then composed together creating an image of a face, the face of another, and perhaps the face of a viewer.  Usually it begins with drawing, trying to push the medium into a new and unfamiliar direction, sometimes forcing it to become re-translated into another medium altogether. The materials I use tend to have some kind of political relevance and act as the conceptual plot to the piece. One of my drawings was directly performed onto a cardboard template; its original purpose was to be used to make an office storage box. So, I guess an interest of mine is in abstracting the purpose and utility of objects/materials, finding out what happens when they’re altered and placed to be treated as art objects. The work has been described to be “full of little nuances’, I like to think that this beggars the idea of a silent movie separated from its vital informative text. The work attempts to initiate the stimulation of questionable perceptions.'


2007-2009: Carmel RC College, AQA, Art & Design (Fine Art), AQA, Art & Design (Photography), OCR, Level 3, Art and Animation for Computer Games

2009-2012: Teesside University, Fine Art BA (Hons)


OCTOBER 2013 -  ‘POSSIBLY DIGRESS’ Exhibition, Dundas House, Middlesbrough.

SEPTEMBER 2012: 'SHOW US YOUR ART' Festival, Middlesbrough Institute for Modern Art, Middlesbrough.

MAY- JUNE 2012: 'SHARK FIN SOUP' BA (Hons) Degree Show. Teesside University, Middlesbrough.

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