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Roger Hopgood


And Then There Were None is a series of images being developed as part of a practice-based PhD at Goldsmiths College. The focus of the investigation is the relationship between photography and the Picturesque with the English country house being presented as the vantage point from which the Picturesque effect is best achieved.

 The play of light on textured surfaces within the interior is suggestive of the aesthetic experience beyond the confines of the room. But, in addition to their appealing textures of age the rooms put us in mind of such spaces in populist narrative forms, in particular, perhaps, of the country house ‘whodunit’. The constructed nature of the images, assembled from collaged fragments and over-sized clue-like objects, destablises the discourse of heritage and tradition. The ‘whodunit’ is a form that invites a detection of what took place and this provides the opportunity for an implied questioning of social crimes and injustices that may be associated with some of the defining tropes of Englishness. 

And Then There Were None

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