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Roman Pyatkovka


I never thought that photography would be the meaning of my life. For a long time I worked in the Drama Theatre of the main lighting designer, for 8 years. At one point I realized that this work - not what I wanted to do in the future, left her and became interested in artistic photography. Boris Mikhailov is one of the most famous photo-artists of the world (as well as winner of the Hasselblad Foundation International Award in Photography) became my teacher and mentor. Since then I have been held for more than 30 collective and individual photo exhibitions. Thanks to the exhibition has become a well-known projects such as: "Ghosts. Famine 30-ies", "I come from childhood", "Games of libido", "Bitch Love", and now they are displayed in collections: Museum of Photography (Russia) , National Center for Contemporary Arts (NCCA) (Russia), Museum of Ken Damy (Italy, Bresha), Museum of Contemporary Photography (USA, Chicago), Moscow Museum of Modern Art (Moscow, Russia).

I believe that in the photographic art, as in any other art, very important: self-awareness, self-deepening spiritual exhibitionism, and the creation of a dramatic concept of own feelings. Roman Pyatkovka

Personal and collective exhibitions:
• "Social euphoria". Kyiv, Ukraine
• "Cult of the Body", a group photography exhibition by members of UPHA — Ukrainian Photographic Alternative. London, United Kingdom
• "Kharkiv School of Photography. The Draving lessons", collective exhibition in frames of The First Kyiv International Biennale of Contemporary Art ARSENALE 2012 Parallel Program. Kyiv, Ukraine
• "Perspective", collective art project in frames of The First Kyiv International Biennale of Contemporary Art ARSENALE 2012 Parallel Program. Kyiv, Ukraine
• The FotoFest 2012 Biennial «Contemporary Russian Photography 1950s–2012». Houston, Texas, USA
• Collective exhibition "ARTisARTisART". Moscow Museum of Modern Art. Moscow, Russia
• "2011-China Pingyao International Photography Festival" (PIP). Pingyao, China
• "European Festival of the Nude Photography - 2011". Espace van Gogh. Arles, France
• "Kill photo". Gallery Ya Gallery (Pavlo Gudimov Art Center). Kiev, Ukraine
• "Kill photo". Gallery Art-Kvartira (Pavlo Gudimov Art Center). Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
• "Wrong Photo". Gallery Exit. Odessa, Ukraine.
• "Якщо, Если, If". PERMM Museum of Contemporary Art. Perm, Russia
• The Arsenal Center for the Arts. Kyiv, Ukraine
• Kunstverein Nuremberg Kohlenhof e.V. in the Germanic National Museum. Nuremberg, Germany
• Modern Photography Museum Ken Damy. Bresh, Italy
• Artists' House. Kharkiv, Ukraine
• Innensicht Gallery. Nuremberg, Germany
• Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia
• Fotografier Gallery. Gothenburg , Sweden
• Gallery of the "New Game" Tokyo, Japan
• Roy Boyd Gallery. Chicago, Illinois, USA
• Gallery "F-4", Cheb, Czech Republic
• "Eroosio. Soviet Conceptual Art & Photography of the 1980`s". Amos Anderson Art Museum. Helsinki, Finland
• "Op-positions: Commitment and Cultural Identity in Contemporary Photography" II International Biennale of Photography. Center for photography. Rotterdam, Netherlands
• "New Human Landscape", an exhibition at the International Festival of Photography "Les Rencontres d'Arles". Arles, France
• Interim-Gallery. Nuremberg, Germany
• "Contemporary Russian Photography". A Group Exhibition. Tampa Museum of Art . Tampa, FL, USA
• "Soul of Ukraine". Cincinnati, USA
• Center for Contemporary Art. Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
• Gallery Up/Down, Kharkiv, Ukraine
• "Fotostroika" New York, USA
• "Award for Young European photographers" Hamburg, Germany
• UKS Gallery (Unge Kunstneres Samfund Galleri (norw.) / Gallery of the Society of young artists (eng.)) Oslo, Norway
• "Photomanifesto: contemporary photography in the USSR" New York, Baltimore, USA
• "Inakovidichie" Milan, Italy
• "Zapretnye" Stockholm, Sweden
• "Middfest International Festival". Middletown, Ohio, USA
• "Ereignis & Erweiterung, Erinnerung & Erkenntnis" Interim, Nürnberg, Germany
• "150 Years of Photography". Central Exhibition Hall "Manege", Moscow, Russia
• "Contemporary Soviet Photography" Stockholm, Sweden

Publications and interviews:
• "EYEMAZING" (#2 - Summer, 2012) Amsterdam, Netherlands
• "Fotografisk Tidskrift" (#2-2011) Sweden
• "Image" Finland
• "Taide" Finland
• "FOTO" France
• "L-Arche" France
• "Prat" Sweden
• "Aperture" USA
• "Fotografie" Czech Republic
• "F" Sweden
• "Kymengarde" Finland
• "ETS" Sweden
• "ZOOM", Italy
• "Glasnos" Sweden
• "Art Journal" USA

Books and catalogs:
• Catalogue of the First Kyiv International Biennale of Contemporary Art ARSENALE 2012 Parallel Program. Kyiv, Ukraine
• Catalogue of the China PINGYAO International Photography Festival - 2011. Pingyao, China
• "Le Portrait Dans L'Art Contemporain – 2011" ISBN 978-2-9532548-4-6 Paris, France
• Catalog "11-e Festival Européen de la Photo de Nu" Arley, France
• Catalog "Якщо, Если, If. Украинское искусство на переломе". Музей современного искусства PERMM. (eng. - "If. Ukrainian Art in Transition". PERMM Museum of Contemporary Art) ISBN 978-5-904783-04-4. Perm, Russia
• "ХАРЬКОВ. Хроника Pеволюции" (eng.-"Kharkov. Chronicle of the Revolution") (2005)
ISBN 966-8636-21-X
• Hannu Eerikainenen. Naneli Esckola "Toisin Nakijat" ISBN 951-615-707-6
• "Di fotografia Contemporanea" Museo Ken Damy
• "Un Nouveau Pausage Humain" Recontres Internationales de la Photographie. ISBN 2-7427-1780-3
• Daniela Mrazkova "What is Photography" ISBN 80-7024-004-0
• Catalogue "Op-positions: Commitment and Cultural Identity in Contemporary Photography" ISBN 90-6450-098-3
• Юрий Рыбчинский "Фото эстафета. От Родченко до наших дней" ISBN 5-939777-023-1

The works are in collections:
• Museum of Photography Collections. Moscow, Russia
• National Centre for Contemporary Arts (NCCA). Moscow, Russia
• Museum Ken Damy. Bresh, Italy
• Museum of Contemporary Photography. Chicago, USA
• ARTOTHEK. Nuremberg, Germany
• Moscow Museum of Modern Art. Moscow, Russia

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