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Rory Alan MacLean



I strive to depict the human figure in its complete integrity as I wish to stress the importance of aspiring towards an integrated sense of self. To this purpose, I employ a flesh color palette that is a modified version of the palette used by 18th century American painter, Gilbert Stuart, whom I greatly admire. This palette produces clean, lucid colors which I use to externalize and thereby reveal the state of private reflection in the mind of the subject. In this manner, I address internal psychological moments in transition; thoughts and feelings which are in the process of being acknowledged without resorting to the use of a brooding dark palette. The color harmonies are approachable and not abrasive, and thus facilitate an empathy between the viewer and the subject matter of the painting. The point of my work is not to leave the viewer feeling dismal about his/her inner life but rather to affirm that it is permissible to address our shadows and emerge strengthened from it.

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