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Rosie Leventon


I make Installation, Environmental art, Sculpture and Drawings for indoor galleries , churches, museums, subterranean  or alternative spaces, and outdoors in forests ,parks, wastelands - almost anywhere. Much of the work comes from a fascination with 'things subterranean' and archaeology, in fact almost anything lost hidden or forgotten.

" Some of Leventon's installations comprise radical interventions into the interior architecture of a building. She has constructed false floors that float on water and which shift underfoot. Her outdoor installations, sometimes highly ambitious in scale, often have a functional regional element, providing water for animals for example, or promoting biodiversity and regeneration. 

All of Rosie Leventon's work is grounded in a sensitive concern for the natural environment and how we inhabit it. She sees her work as 'interweaving a kind of personal archaeology with the archaeology of contemporary  society and the physical archaeology of places.' "   Tom Flynn.

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