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Rossana Kelton



I create art because it is something yearning to be shared with from my soul. Art brings the fragmentation of thoughts and feelings together. I want to create a new movement of abstract art combined with marine art. My process was to work in various layers initially trying to create a photo-realistic abstract painting that had a marine theme but that also incorporated the idea of abstract art. I have studied various artistic styles including the paintings of Picasso, George Braque, Jean Metzinger, Francisco Bores and Charlotte Wankel. I then studied abstract artists such as the Expressionist painters such as Wassily Kadinsky such as "On White II" or "Composition X". I went further and looked at the Impressionist painters such as Manet, Degas, Monet and Renoir. I have been searching for any of these styles, which also incorporate some marine art.

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