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Rufus knight-webb



Abstract Painter often associated with the 'Techno Generation' of musicians, whose career bagan in the late 1980's. Represented by Mark Jason Gallery London, Rufus paints using a number of methods and techniques, each suiting different parts of his personality. Best known for painting style: Ultra-violet paintings, a series of fluorescent pigmented paintings on canvas using the illumination of u-v light. Many of these have been exhibited in night clubs around the world. In contrast Rufus also paints very romantic abstract 'Sea Paintings' on canvas. These draw from early life in Vancouver, Canada, and a later return to the UK, living on the River Severn. In 2003 Rufus became a friend of painter and mentor Alan Davie, which inspired a return to Abstract Expressionism. Currently Rufus is making spray paintings in car paint on aluminium, combining the above techniques into a dense collage of styles.

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