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Rupert Howard


Rupert Howard was born in London but spent his formative years traveling in India with his mother and siblings. He returned to England in time to grab an art education at Farnham and Liverpool art schools (BA Fine Art). In the post-Beatles city he became a member of the vibrant and influential punk rock art and fashion community, developing his distinctive style that transferred so seamlessly to New York when he was offered a studio in the trendy and infamous Chelsea Hotel. After working in Harlem and Soho he pioneered studios in DUMBO and the Brooklyn art scene continuing his habit of exhibiting in the alternative spaces of storefronts, clubs and bars. To date, Rupert has continued developing his signature dark, edgy, theatrical tableaux, documenting his biographical and fantasy underworld. These paintings progress in time warps from post-Weimer Germany to 70's Star Wars where Manson and Madonna share cocktails and bar stories with midget pimps and dog-bodied babies. Now in the so-far culturally undiscovered backwater of Long Beach he perseveres with his painting and the extended wordless graphic novel he hopes to complete by the end of the century. He still maintains an uncertain credibility with his regular contributions to the New York Times.


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