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SLWA South London Women Artists



South London Women Artists is a community of women artists based in South London, who present an inspirational portfolio online and through exhibitions. South London Women Artists was launched by the Friends of Dulwich Picture Gallery in June 2008. It offers a website on which women artists living or working south of the river can post a profile about their work. SLWA also: -nurtures the professional development and careers of its members by helping them access wider opportunities -promotes artist-led projects and communal activities such as talks, workshops and visits, and exhibitions of members’ works within a strong curatorial framework - is self-managed and self-financed, so it maintains critical independence The SLWA website enables members to display their work to new audiences. It is a resource open to all to access arts opportunities. Exhibitions bring the work of SLWA to the wider community and increase public awareness of art produced by women. SLWA infuses all of its projects with personality, energy, passion and intelligence. The idea for SLWA came from a lecture series on Women Artists which Dulwich Picture Gallery ran in June 2008. Few people can name women artists from before the 19th century since their role as professional women was strictly limited. Today women artists have achieved equal prominence with men. SLWA was created to celebrate this and to give prominence to women artists living or working in the Gallery area. SLWA welcomes all who have an interest in and love of art. Contact us: If you are an artist and would like to add your profile to South London Women Artists, please go to Join Us For general enquiries please contact us at info@slwa.co.uk Website - webmistress@slwa.co.uk Press - press@slwa.co.uk Submissions - submissions@slwa.co.uk Education - education@slwa.co.uk Events - events@slwa.co.uk Membership - membership@slwa.co.uk

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