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If true art is about baring the soul, then Suzie Pindar's work must be true art indeed. As an artist she identifies as "self-expressive", and her work is all about survival, and life beyond survival. It reveals, as she puts it, "the naked truth". Really, her artist statement says it all: "I feel now as I have got stronger, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, that I am no longer surviving, or existing, I am finally living, embracing the world and all it has to offer through my art. I look at the world differently, I feel empowered by it, and I take much of my inspiration from life, lust, and love and how someone makes me feel. Random thoughts, circle my head today, contemplative, positive energy, excitement, friendships unfolding, breathing life, inspired deep in my core, wanting to share, expose, the beauty that one feels for ....."

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