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Sabrina Fadial



MFA Vermont College of Fine Arts

BFA Rhode Island School of Design


As an artist, nature is my muse. Inspiration comes from my personal life experience. The work of art is a byproduct of the creative process, which is life itself. I am a collector of seed pods, corks and rusty bits (treasures from scrap yards, industrial detritus). My practice is one of experimentation. With experimentation comes repetition, working in multiples and series. I exploit the possibilities of play and improvisation creating an ambiguous coexistence of subtlety and surprise. I continually ask “What if?”

My approach to art making allows chance to play a vital role in my creative process. My art is an amalgamation of seemingly incompatible elements through aesthetic play. My material choice stems from a proclivity for eclecticism and irony. I am an environmental artist in that my work documents and celebrates endangered Beauty. Biomorphic forms evoke a synthesis between creative thought and the senses. I cultivate my imagination through music, dance, travel, meditation, writing. This allows me to extract the innate essence found within a myriad of materials. I poeticize the beauty of the commonplace.


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