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Sam Flylightly



My name is Samantha Hinton, although I sign my artwork off under the pseudonym Sammy Flylightly. I have a BA in Anthropology from Goldsmiths but I am Creatively Charged* and have gone back to my roots as an artist. I feel as though I am bursting with ideas and always busy with projects. Aside from art, I am designing a range of jewellery with my best friend Rosebud* – these are mostly pendant based and feature our own artwork in miniature resin sets (more info soon to follow). Photography is another of my passions and a medium I rely on when I am struggling to get an idea to work in paint. I also enjoy sculpture and working with clay, although these days I don’t have access to a kiln. I can’t sew. A lot of my work involves flowing line. I think I see the potential in simple things and thats how I like to work. Sometimes I like to take something simple and push its boundaries – mould it until its beautiful and complicated. This usually means I can be inspired by anything and at any time. Although, never when I need to be. For 3 years I was based in South East London and have every intention of returning to the city, whether it be through my art alone or through a combination of compromise and a little flair.

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