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Samantha Mogelonsky


Sam Mogelonsky is a Canadian artist and graduate of the Master’s of Fine Art program at Central Saint Martin’s College of Art, London, UK (2007). She has worked and exhibited in Canada, the UK, and Europe. She currently lives and works Toronto, where she is a member of the Red Head Gallery.

By developing her own form of naïve sculptural language, she crafts environments where the viewer is transported into an imaginary space, to become both a participant in an invented narrative. These sculptural forms, at once both humorous and sinister, seek to investigate language, story-telling and repetition. With these projects the heroically hand made and time consuming coexist with the fleeting nature of their appearance to point toward their own ultimate obsolescence and irrelevance.

It is in the relationship between narrative, miniature, and almost obsessive making, that a link to the uncanny is revealed, which she uses to tie her practical and theoretical research together. Working primarily with sculptural installations, Mogelonsky's work typically begins by working with materials often given a ‘low-grade’, ‘childlike’, ‘DIY’ or ‘arts and craft’ connotation. This ‘need to make’ encompasses one component of her research, running congruent to academic sources. The use of hand made objects is essential to her projects, highlighting the laborious nature of her practice.

Samantha Mogelonsky

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