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Samuel Zealey


Samuel Zealey. 1986, lives and works London/Essex

Personal Statement, 2012. Written by the artist.

The ideas that stimulate my practice are found in the wonderful natural processes of this world. I am particularly attentive to Earths cyclical activity,  natural cycles that are taken for granted and often exploited by humans. I produce work that makes these monumental events conceptually accessible and visually powerful.

My intent to capture, control and present these powerful connotations within a sculpture reflects humanity’s need to understand every element of existence. This human trait often dulls the bright light of phenomena as mankind will happily remove the poetry from something in pursuit of understanding it. 

My practice elaborates on natural structures and pushes them to their limits with the intervention of technology. By concentrating my energy on a very particular part of a natural object or process and introducing mechanical aggregates, a harmony between the two spectrums of the world is established. My ideas are evolving with that of the modern world by looking closely at 21st century physics and new age technology, but core to my development as a sculptor reflects heavily on pioneering engineering of the 20th century. 

The education I have received within these philosophies has enabled me to understand the physical world in which we live, giving me insight to the use of material and the flow of illusive energy.  When these two opposites meet it brings up very interesting conceptual questions within sculpture and other worldly domains.

By encountering and understanding these philosophies I have broken down key interests which, within my practice I call 'Degenerate Science' and 'Plagiarising Nature'. Out of these movements that are central to my sculpture have come new ideas which I strongly associate my interests too, these being ‘The Matriarch’ and ‘Pangaea’.

‘The Matriarch’ injects the focus of hierarchical structures of nature within my sculpture, this can also be described as ‘Matriarchy’. However these structures are integrated with actions of technological knowledge. The aim is to get the most out of an action by using as little energy as possible; this idea will eventually be reflected in real worldly problems, for the time being I’m using the platform of sculpture to work and make these ideas a reality.   

‘Pangaea’ Speaks about the humble beginnings of humanity and the importance of having integrity. The ground and earth that we walk upon is what unites us yet this honest idea is being lost. We are all to obsessed by self gain but we should still put trust in the combined effect of education and instinct. In certain respects this has parallels in our experience of other people, in that we embrace, enjoy and are fascinated by difference and very often we instinctively place trust and confidence in our fellow human beings, even though we might not understand or comprehend many aspects within a particular individuals train of thought., our instinctive minds inform us that in all probability, it is so.

Curriculum Vitae: Samuel Zealey

Born Dulwich, London, 1986
Live/works in London/Essex


2010 - 12, Royal College of Art, London

2005 - 08, Wimbledon College of Art, London

2004 - 05, Thurrock & Basildon College, Essex



Contact details

Address                 9 The Limes Brentwood Essex CM13 2DT

Telephone               +44(0)7809878264

E-mail                   sz@samzealey.com

At Present
2012 - ongoing, Working towards the reality of Pangaea Sculpture Central (the first sculpture only complex in London)

Prizes / awards / selections

2012 November – ongoing, Nominated for The Catlin Art Guide

2012 October, Selected for Berlin Projects, The Art Factory Gallery, 

2012 April, Winner of the Deutsche Bank Award for Creative Enterprises (RCA), Proposal – Pangaea Sculpture Central (PSC)

2010 June, Selected member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors Bursary award 

2010 January, Shortlisted for A Curriculum A foundation artist residency 

2009 April, The Royal Academy Summer Show 

2009 April - September, BBC2 School of Saatchi Finalist


2012, Museum of Mechanical Art and Design

2009, Kinetica Museum


- Channel4 John Nole management

- Bouke de Vries - (patron of the Contemporary Arts Society)

- Cosima Bucarelli

- Chris Jermyn 

Art Fairs

2012 February, Kinetica Art Fair, P3 Marylebone Road, London

2010 February, Kinetica Art Fair, P3 Marylebone Road, London 

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2013 November, Carslaw St* Lukes Gallery, London

2013 June, Tim Sheward Project’s, London

Selected Group Exhibitions

2013 March, BreeseLittle Gallery in collaboration with WW Gallery, Plural, London

2012 October, 2012 Project Berlin, Factory Art Gallery, ‘Born to be alive - I tell you we must die’, Berlin

2012 July, SumarriaLunn Gallery curation in collaboration with High House Gallery, Dividing Lines, Oxford, Oxton   

2012 June, Royal College of Art MA Show, Battersea, London

2012 March, Mechanical Art and Design Museum, Strafford-upon Haven   

2012 March, Construction Gallery, Tooting, London

2012 January, Fabricators, Hannah Barry Gallery, Unit 91 Copeland Rd Industrial Estate 133 Copeland Rd, London 

2011 May, Royal College of Art Interim show, The Upper Gulbenkian Gallery, South Kensington, London.

2011 March, BreeseLittle Gallery, The Nature of change: Hybridity and Mutation - The Old Truman Brewery, No. 4 Wilkes Street, London, E16QL

2011 March, 'Hello Paradise, what would you like?' - Kingsgate Gallery, Kingsgate Workshops Trust, 110-116 Kingsgate Road, London

2011 February, On the Brink, SW1 Gallery Roof terace level Cardinal Place (off Victoria Street), London

2010 November, Annual Bursary exhibition, RBS Gallery, London 

2010 June, All systems go, Departure Gallery wear house exhibition, London

2010 May, 100% Gold standard WHEY, 23 Charlotte Rd, London

2010 May, Empty seats, Waterside Contemporary, 44 - 48 Wharf Rd, London 

2010 March, murmurART an introduction, 20 Hoxton Square, London 

2010 February, Tacitly speaking, Backlit, Unit 3 the factory Dakeyne Street, Nottingham

2009 December, Hunting the Phoenix, Ovada Gallery, Gloucester Green, Oxford

2009 November, Reaction, Camden pop up space’s (London Arts Council), London

2009 October, Come together, TAP Gallery, Southend     

2009 September, ‘Don‘t raise the bridge lower the river‘, Saatchi Gallery Chelsea, London

2009 August, Sudley Castle Sculpture Park commission, Gloucestershire

2008 October, Saatchi’s 15, Concrete and Glass Festival, Beach Blanket Babylon
Bethnal Green, London

2008 September, Fresh meat, (London Arts Council) London

2008 September, FLOCK2, GX Gallery Camberwell, London

2008 June, Wimbledon College of Art Degree show, London

2008 May, Mixed tape, ADA Gallery, London

2008 February, Interim, Wimbledon college of Art, London

2007 June, Misguided souls, The Covent Garden Film Studios, London



2012 June, Vitamin Magazine Sam Zealey artists interview – development of practise 

2009 November, BBC2 School of Saatchi series Best of British – four episodes

Magazine / newspaper publication / books

2013 January, Art Licks Publication Sam Zealey My Journey The Matriarch and Pangaea

2013 January, Catlin Art Guide artists profile Sam Zealey

2012 October, Symbol Art newspaper, Sam Zealey interview questions and answers written by Ben Eastham

2012 June, Catalogue – Temperate Taste Buds, Sam Zealey Critic writing by David Anfam 

2011 March, The Independent, Breese Little Gallery – The nature of change - Artists Profile

2009 November, Guardian G2, School of Saatchi artists profile

2007 November, The London College’s of the Art’s magazine, Five day projects - ‘it doesn’t mater what state your in’ 

Internet publication 

2012 December, ‘Cream of the Crop’ ARTINFO UK’s five picks from the Catlin Guide 2013

2012 October, Art & Culture In Pictures A Celebration of Frame at Frieze Art Fair

2012 September, Archi Search online interview Sam Zealey 21st centry British Contempory Sculptor

2012 June, Art Licks Sam Zealey RCA MA show publication 

2012 February, Horst und Edeltraut online magazine, Fabricators Publication - Artists profile

2011 November, Sam Zealey Artist interview, Blog - www.holyghostzine.com, Matthew Writson

2011 October, Sam Zealey Artist of the week ‘spot’ Rise Art

2010 February, murmurART an introduction, Spoonfed article by Lauren Romano

2009 December, UAL Wimbledon Snapshot

2009 November, artsLONDON news

2009 September, TAP/CoExist Gallery opening night, Come together artists profile publication

2009 April, Saatchi Gallery ‘Free the Artist’ campaign   

2009 February, murmurART Sam Zealey Artist of the week

2008 October, SMASHED TITS (Portobello Spy)

2008 October, www.VVORK.com Art

2008 October, Concrete and Glass opening night, ART SLEUTH

2008 September, Saatchi Online Sam Zealey Critic’s choice by Rebecca Wilson

2008 September, Saatchi online top 10 chosen by Rebecca Wilson


2009 July, In collaboration with The Saatchi Gallery, Hastings temporary pubic sculpture commission, Hastings

Lecturers and talks

2012 May, Panel discussion ‘What is Art’ at University Museum of Natural History, Oxford

2012 March, Visiting Lecturer Brighton College of Art

2011 November, Visiting Lecturer Wimbledon College of Art 

2011 February, Visiting lecturer Ashmolean Museum

2010 June, OVARDA Charity Silent Auction, Oxford 

2010 March, Visiting lecturer South Essex college of Art

the Matriarch and Pangaea

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