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sandie sutton



I am a sculptor living and working in London, UK,  based at the Blackhorse Road Studios, E17, (part of the Barbican Arts Group).  My art practice explores the effects of a throw-away society on the environment - the disposable versus the irreplaceable. My sculptural interpretation of this subject reflects the concerns of the moment. I create individual creatures & animal habitats from household waste. The creatures are placed in environments made from discarded junk; selected, sifted and colour-matched. The sculptures vary from solitary replicas of actual threatened species to hypothetical animal gods from long-lost civilizations, and are placed in representational or imagined, artificial landscapes. My practice has always included art education, working with children, young adults and the elderly. I have designed, coordinated, and run many individual arts workshops as well as artist residencies. Art projects that involve collaboration with the local community and families are important to me.

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