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Sarah Butcher



I am an artist and art educator

email butchers@maryvale.comphone: 410-868-1088
Recent Press :
Baltimore Examiner
BMore Art 

I have two distinct styles. 
The first style uses traditional materials like canvas and collage. These colorful abstract images focus on elliptical patterns.
The second style uses digital tools.  These representational images capture local scenes using a process I call photo-subtractive drawing.

When I photograph I use my iphone primarily.  I like to photograph what is close by and familiar.  My home, work and the drive in between. I am ultimately simple.  If it's not around me it is out of reach. I like the idea of serendipity in my work and in my life as well.  Its fun to "happen upon" a great composition. I don't like to force creation. It must happen naturally or it feels stiff to me.  I turn up what is there and turn on what I felt at the time - to reveal more of what I imagined when shooting. I add adrawing layer then add or subtract from.  Sometimes the process leads me to add areas of color and line.  
For me its about the process of discovering what is going to ultimately happen. 


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