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Sarah Lucas


Sarah Lucas Biography - ArtLyst

Sarah Lucas was born in London in 1962. She studied art at The Working Men's College, London College of Printing and Goldsmith's College, completing her degree 1987.

She came to prominence in the group exhibition Freeze, with contemporaries, Damien Hirst, and Gary Hume, emerging as one of the most important young British Artists during the 1990s. Her body of work is highly provocative and In the early 1990s she began using furniture as a substitute for the human body. She merges tabloid culture with the economy of the ready-made.

Her first two solo exhibitions in 1992 were titled The Whole Joke and Penis Nailed to a Board.

For six months in 1993, Lucas and fellow artist Tracey Emin rented a retail space in east London, The Shop, where they made artworks, ranging from printed mugs to T-shirts with slogans, and put them on sale.

Throughout her career, Lucas has continued to appropriate everyday materials to make works that use humour, visual puns and sexual metaphor to discuss sex, death, Englishness and gender.

Her recent exhibitions include Temple of Bacchus (with Colin Lowe and Roddy Thompson) at Milton Keynes Gallery, in 2003; Charlie George, Contemporary Fine Arts, Berlin, in 2002; and The Pleasure Principle at the Freud Museum, London, in 2000.

Lucas exhibited in the fiftieth Venice Biennale in 2003.

Sarah Lucas

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