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Sarah Shabajee


I consider my discipline within Fine Art to be drawing. The work is concerned with the human body; as a container of experiences but in particular how the body can be marked by experience.

Paper is the primary material I work with, attracted by its unique characteristic of being both fragile and simultaneously resilient. Papers surface which can be marked, damaged and manipulated emulate the characteristics of human skin.

I find most artists bring materials together, add paint to canvas, sculpt from a material etc in order to articulate their concept to an audience. My concept and technique developed from an initial interest in how scar tissue is formed; the damaging and removal of layers of skin. Instead of adding to a surface I remove material and damage a surface in order to create an image.

I work in a minimalist and monochromatic way, concentrating on generating ornate detailed marks. Surface texture and mark making are key to my pieces. Areas of paper are left untouched so the drawn areas become apparent. This I find imperative to my work as scar tissue is only noticed in relation to ‘normal’ skin.

The drawing techniques are organic and to contrast this the boundaries of the drawing are harsh geometrical lines. A crucial element to how the drawings are experienced is the way they are affected by different light sources.


Born in London, 1987. Currently lives and works in Newcastle Upon Tyne. 

Graduated from The University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, Fine Art B.A (Hons) in 2010.

Hatton Gallery Exhibition- June 2010

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