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Sarah Stokes



Sarah Stokes

Artist/creative facilitator


My paintings are like a pictorial travel journal. I’m concerned with space and line and tones, finding a natural rhythm; moving and playing with lines and colour in the moment  and seeing what happens ; an intuitive fluid style using mainly inks and acrylic, occasionally oil, - more recently on paper.

Presently I’m exploring with untreated canvas.

I started making pictures as a creative response to depression and addiction.



The life force and energy that goes in to a painting is an amazing thing. I call them storyscapes as they are stories in that there is some sort of narrative going on in and behind the scenes so to speak

Sometimes they are in response to something I’ve seen and, or from a creative potential finding  natural expression.. a picture is complete when I feel happy with it-  hopefully achieving a natural balance of beauty and inspiration.

The viewer is part of this engaging, continuing the story..


Currently based in Ramsgate I have exhibited fairly widely over the UK and my work is in  collections throughout Europe, including France, Scotland,Majorca, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy.


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Sarah Stokes


07986 557 049


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